Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Start Of Maniac Cosplay!

Hello! It's MewMewArctic from Youtube here! I'm the owner of this blog and I'm more or less known as Shadow or Shadow Star by friends from all over the world. I've been waiting forever to start up a cosplay group with my friends, so now I finally convinced them. This blog is where you can catch up on all the latest new from the Youtube accounts. Subscribe to several of the members in the team (Including me!) as well. So, subscribe to MewMewArctic, Molz2012, LeahTalks, and GemChant in case we post any updates on those accounts or subscribe to ManiacCosplay where the team lives!

There probably won't be any videos for a little bit as we still need to get the wigs needed. It's mostly going to be vocaloid songs we cosplay for, but we will do the occasional English song, but we'll still be cosplaying as the vocaloids. The members and their roles are as followed:
MewMewArctic: Rin Kagamine
Molz2012: SeeU (the new Korean Vocaloid)
LeahTalks: Luka Megurine
GemChant: Miku Hatsune
Narna: Everyone else (Mostly Gumi and Len though), Helps with the filming and editing.
Titch: Will help with the filming and when needed, will cosplay as well.

Well that's all I have to tell you for now! If we get new additions to the team, I'll be sure to add them on. TTFN!

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