Sunday, 11 December 2011

Welcome new member!

Good Evening/morning/afternoon/night/whatever time of day it is! Shadow here! It's nice to be blogging to you all again! I would just like to do a quick blog post to welcome the newest member of our team; Connor! The only male in our team so far! We all hope he'll do the cosplay team proud and make everyone smile (and give everyone laughs in the bloopers). We also may have a new member soon who will play Lily!

And our first cosplay video will (hopefully) be Hello/How Are You? with Mollie cosplaying as SeeU (who will be the main person) and me cosplaying as Rin (being SeeU's imaginary friend for the most part). The basic plot of the video is that SeeU is a quiet girl who has no friends and live by herself. One day she's crying and looks up to see someone she's never met before; Rin. Rin tries to become her friend and make her smile and laugh. Rin gives SeeU the confidence she needs and SeeU goes outside to play with some others (who they will be is unknown for now as we haven't decided, but it shall probably Gumi, Miku and possibly Lily), leaving Rin on her own in the house. Rin smiles and waves goodbye to no one and walks upstairs. SeeU then remember Rin and thinks Rin would like to come and join her, so she runs back to the house and looks all over the place for Rin, but can't find her. She then realises Rin was an imaginary friend who was now no longer needed and she goes out to play again. The last shot should hopefully be of Rin leaving the house and going to a new house to give someone else some confindence.

So I hope you all will like the upcoming video and enjoy everything we will have instore for you! So until next post,
       Bye-Bye! Shadow