Monday, 27 February 2012

Still behind schedule

Man, we're not off to a good start it would seem. We still haven't started filming. Con Shion had to go in for an operation on his leg before half term and he's only recently come back to school and with a crutch. Poor Gemmy Hatsune broke her toe over the weekend, so I think that'll put filming off for a while longer. I have a feeling we won't be getting the first video out till after easter unless we somehow pull a miracle out of a hat. Anyway! I shall be posting a video soon asking for people to join. It might not be the best quality because I'm using my old camera until I get a new one with whatever money I have left.

On another note, me and Gemmy Hatsune went to our first convention over half term! It was so much fun! I never knew so many Vocaloid cosplayer's were in England. We'll be going to our next one in July; The MCM Expo in Manchester. I'll be walking around as Rin Kagamine (either default, Matryoshka or Alice the Human Sacrifice (my own sort of design)) and Gemmy Hatsune will be going as Miku Hatsune (default). I shall hopefully be wearing or carrying around a sign that says "Rin Kagamine is giving FREE HUGS!!!" or something lik that with a 02 or a chibi Rin on it. If not, I'll be wearing a free hugs badge and have a black and white bag on me and maybe or maybe not a Len Kagamine with me. Keep an eye out for us and be sure to say Hi! We don't bite! I promise!

Alas, that is all for this blog post, so I shall speak to everyone another time.
Love you all loads!
                            ~Shadow Star

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Maniac Cosplay Team Needs You!!!

Hello everyone! Shadow Star here! We need your help our wonderful fans! (if there are any out there). You see, there's hardly anyone in our little group and we're a bit behind schedule for filming (hopefully we'll be able to start soon) due to problems with having SeeMol being free. I'm sort of going off track....

Okay; so here is where you come in! We want YOU to be a part of our group. There are so many roles needed to be filled and Narna said that she really only joined the group to spend more time with her friends, so she's doing only the editing with me and Gemmy Hatsune. With her doing editing, we have no Gumi or Len; and Lei-Lei left our group so there's no Luka! We only have me playing Neru and Rin, Gemmy Hatsune playing Miku Hatsune, SeeMol playing SeeU and Teto, Con Shion playing Kaito, and Connie-Lily (A.K.A: Titch) playing Lily. We have TONS of roles open. Here's the roles that are free:
Miku Hatsune: Taken by Gemmy Hatsune
Rin Kagamine: Taken by Shadow Star
Len Kagamine: Open
Luka Megurine: Open
Meiko: Open
Kaito: Taken
Gakupo: Open
Gumi: Open
Neru Akita: Taken by Shadow Star
Haku Yowane: Open
SeeU: Taken by SeeMol
Lily: Taken by Connie-Lily
Teto Kasane: Taken by SeeMol
VY1: Open
VY2: Open
Miku Zatsune: Open
Mikuo: Open
Dell: Open
SF-A2 Miki: Open
Piko Utatane: Open

Filming: This is going to be shared out because the official filmer might be in the video, unless someone just wants to do the filming and not cosplay
Editing: Me and a friend mostly, but if you want to help out, then that's fine.

If I've missed off any roles, please tell me. Now we do need some people who are either boys or girls who don't mind dressing up as boys. Some of the roles will be shared between everyone if someone who stars in the song we've chosen doesn't like it. Or we get some difficulty with dances of some other things, so don't feel too put off if the role you want is taken. We'll make sure everyone gets a chance at playing someone they like.

Another ideal we would like is if you lived close to where we live (so about one hour and thirty minutes max in time, a little bit over (by about 10-15 minutes)) So we're looking for people who live in places such as Manchester, Uttoxeter, Longton, Newcastle, Leek, Derby, Liverpool, Nottingham, Ashbourne, Sheffield, Crewe, Tutbury, Loughborough, Shrewsbury, Warrington, Doncaster, Chesterfield, etc. Places like that and not places like London as we all can't afford the fuel it takes to get there and back.

We currently range between the ages of 13 and 14, but we can have older people in the group as well. I'd say no older than 17. But of course the ages will expand as the years go on. We also want people who will have lots of fun while making videos and won't get upset if they mess up as messing up only goes onto the bloopers. Also you we would like it if you would have fun with us and try to become friends with us. It's boring having someone who's all work and no play. We will take this seriously though, but everyone needs to have a good laugh while doing it.

So anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I won't bite and neither will my friends. It'll be a pleasure cosplaying with you! You can ask or talk to me on here, by PM, Deviantart, Youtube, Or you can message me on websites such as and Both account names are ShadowStar137